A variety of work, not otherwise classified
Boy. 1998. Welded steel. (11x14x5)
Flower pot. 1998. Welded steel, painted green. (12x8x8)
Goose. 1998. Welded steel. (35x23x13)

Interaction. 1999. Welded steel base and cylinder with machined and partially melted brass components. (17x10x4.5). Private collection.
Janus. 1999. Welded steel. (10x12x9)
Wolf pack. No. 1. 1999. Welded steel. (9x8x9)
Wolf pack. No. 2. 1999. Welded steel. (14x7x5). Private Collection.
Landscape. No. 1. 2017. Welded, surface-treated and partially painted steel with cast-resin “pond” with sunken boat and plexiglass “frozen pond.”(25x24x13)
Landscape. No. 2. 2017. Welded, surface-treated steel and cast-resin “pond” with sunken figurine. (11.5x12.5x12)